Re: Earthquake memories during my youth - 1957 & 1963

11/12/09 - posted by Steve

When I was born, we lived in a house on Fell St, that had survived 1906, but I was too young to notice any shaking until we came to the Sunset.

I felt a few earthquakes as a child. I recall once coming home from vacation and finding various objects that fell off shelves onto the livng room carpet. I was already an Easterner by 1989 and missed that one. A colleague was in the City on business then and was stuck in the Hyatt Regency elevator for awhile. Oddly, the quake I felt the most happened while I was asleep in my aunt's house in San Diego. The bed moved back and forth and I thought the house would fall over.

A cousin lived in Felton, the exact epicenter of the 1989 quake, but lost only his brick chimney.

To me, the most fascinating earthquake-related experience was to hear the tales of the old-timers who were in the City in 1906. There were many people still around, including my grandmother and some older neighbors, who were young adults at the time and had fascinating stories to relate.

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