Re: Earthquake memories during my youth - 1957 & 1963

11/12/09 - posted by David Rothman

It was a sunny warm day when the 1957 quake hit. I was in the second grade at Robert Louis Stevenson Elemetry. The classroom shook and we were all told to get under our desks. When it stopped we were all sent home for lunch. my mom said that she leaned against the refrigerator because she was afraid it would fall over. We had some dentil moldings in the dining room sustain some minor damdge. We went back to school and held class in the playground that afternoon the next day all was normal. My dad owned a dry cleaners at 40th and Taravel. There was a lot of broken glass among the stores.

Realy don't remeber the 1963 quake.

I lived near Manteca when the 1989 quake hit. I was hanging a planter hanger above the rear deck whenn I suddenly noticed that the water in our pool was sloshing back and forth. My initial reaction was what is wrong with pumps. You always see a quake before you feel it.

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