Re: Earthquake memories during my youth - 1957 & 1963

11/12/09 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Ah yes, Mary Ann, it's that rrrrrruuuummmmmble that strikes fear in the hearts of everyone!!

I won't add my memories here since this site has the article I wrote about the quake memories of my St. Cecilia classmates. However, this quake thread raises a question I hope someone can answer.

Gladys Hansen, Curator of The Virtual Museum of San Francisco website, who is famous for compiling an impressive list of the true fatalities of the '06 quake requested that folks send in the names of any ancestors that survived or died. This site list was to be updated quarterly. I note the last update was in August, 2008! And, the website does not respond to emails sent to them. (This was confirmed for me by a volunteer from the sfgenealogy website - they have also tried to make contact to see if they could help out in any response.)

By my reckoning, Ms. Hansen is in her early 80s now, and perhaps in ill health, so not updating lists or responding to emails? Does anyone know what's going on with this site, and especially the ongoing compilation of quake survivors/fatalities???

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