Re: Earthquake memories during my youth - 1957 & 1963

11/13/09 - posted by John Paul

I remember the March 22, 1957 quake like it was last week. I was in Sister Mary Carmella's 4th grade class on the 2nd floor at St. Annes. It was minutes before the Angelus (12:00 Noon) and we were putting our work into the cubbys under our desks. There was a rumble and plaster started falling along with the statue of the Virgin Mary from the shelf above the blackboard. Sister Carmella caught the statue and when the shaking stopped we lined up and proceeded 'in twos' down the stairs and outside to the yard.

Two sixth grade altar boys who were serving at a requium Mass during the quake told stories about a huge crack down the center aisle of St. Anne's Church and that the statue of St. Joseph had turned 90 degrees to face the altar. They said all the statues were crying blood.

We were all released to our parents by around 2PM. Walking home it seemed eerily quiet - there were very few people and cars out and about. PG&E turned off the gas on our block for about 3 days so we got to eat a lot of waffles (the only electric appliance my parents owned).

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