Re: Pearl Harbor Day

12/01/09 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut

Back then, it was actually believed this WW II would end war forever. (When WW I--formerly THE GREAT WAR--was brewing, it was believed by many that we were "too civilized" for war.)

Many countries fought one war too many and dropped from mighty to weak, or even eliminated. (Western civilization: Greece, Rome, Spain, France, England. Are we next? Think about it!)

It is encouraging that some ancient enemies are working together: The Europeans. And, the U N does achieve something occasionally.

I am sad that so many lives have been lost in so many wars.

My anthropholgy professor pointed out all religions preach, "Love one another, and they hate each other!"

Let us do our best to not only avoid conflict, but to solve conflict.

Peace,everyone! Truly!

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