Re: Pearl Harbor Day

12/02/09 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Good luck in your hopes, Candis Dear...

I fear that as long as "testosterone" rules the planet, so war shall go. Very few women start wars... though I recall Boudicia got rather enraged and waged a war. But that was because her daughters were raped by the Bad Guys. And, of course, Queen Elizabeth I became the scourge of the Spanish Armada, because her "baby" - England - was being directly threatened. (Beware the Mother Tiger!) And now, we have women participating actively in military conflicts, so The Fairer Sex is partially guilty as well.

I recommend Cormac McCarthy's book, The Road (and the movie as well). It could be a post-War To End All Wars scenario anywhere in the world. However, I find it interesting that it involves a man and his son. You'd think that all the guys would have killed each other off, leaving only women to deal with the aftermath.

My Dad (WWI), brother (WWII), former father-in-law (WWII)and two former brothers-in-law (Viet Nam) - all residents of the Outsidelands, were reluctant participants...doing their duty. They did not come home with "blood and guts" tales, but rather kept their experiences to themselves. I am very glad they were not the opposite, and I revere them because of it.

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