Re: 109 Degrees in San Francisco

04/20/10 - posted by Karen K

Thank you Frank, for confirming what I recalled from growing up in the City--it was never THAT hot! (and the years you did post with high temps did not apply to me--thankfully!)
However, I do recall it always seemed to get hot for a week in September when we returned to school, wearing the uniform wool skirts and sweaters--aarrgghh---my Dad even ALMOST relented one year when it was still HOT--(after 2 days!)--into getting an a/c!...Thank goodness our natural a/c always kicked in when we could no longer stand it...

Now residing in Santa Cruz, I have the misfortune of living on the Eastside which is nicknamed the "Banana Belt"...kind of like the Mission district in the City---and I am one un-happy person---Growing up in fog DOES stay in your "blood"!

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