Re: Need Lafayette Elementary's fight song

03/04/11 - posted by Paul Judge

I only attended Lafayette for Kindergarten and part of First Grade in '55-'56, not long enough to realize that there was a school spirit song. I fondly remember my wonderful Kindergarten teacher, the smell of the waxed floors of the hallways and classrooms, the flag pole in the middle of the expansive playground that we wrapped in colorful ribbons during the May Day Fest, and the twin brothers I avoided who were a few grades ahead who looked mean and threatening. I recall the joy of field trips taken to the Childrenís Fairyland in Oakland, a tour of Fort Point lead by an army officer, and to the Academy of Sciences. Oh, and that my first crush was Janet Abrams in 1st grade on her birthday when her mother brought the class a tray of cupcakes to share.

I'm with John O., a spirit song? Nope, donít remember such.
As Tim M. mentioned, it was a known fact on asphalt playground that the principal, Mr. Seymour (Sp.?), had a spanking machine in his office that he used if you did something bad and were sent to see him.
And Mark, I didn't worry 'bout no beavers taking bites of my lunch. We worried 'bout the squadrons of seagulls that took flight over the playground making us tremble in fear that we'd get bombed and splatted upon. Utter yuck!

I look forward to Mary-Ann singing the Lafayette School spirit song to the tune of "Columbia the Gem of the Ocean" after P-Rose has unearthed the rest of the stanzas. I hope they contain references to foghorns, Playland, the B Street Car Line, and the Balboa Theater with a sprinkling of flavor from the old Sugar Bowl Bakery. That would be choice.

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