Re: SF Natives?

03/18/12 - posted by Tammy A.

I too have been to the SF Native Jamboree. Three times, if not four. I agree with Paul that it is hokey and very biased towards North Beach Italians and private school alumni. I had hoped it would improve over time, but that possibility doesn't seem likely now. I'm forever deleting plugs for the event that the organizer posts on our GWHS Alumni facebook page.

Fortunately, the last one I went to had the Playland theme and they had Richard Tuck, Marvin Gold, and a couple of other PNATB volunteers doing talks and presentations, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to hear Richard one more time before he passed away.

My "native card" came from French Hospital, the older brick wing! Here until the age of 20, and here at least once a week. Once in a while I get the *haughty sniff* "oh you don't live in SF any more" if I had a choice in the matter of having to sell my parents' home.

Bottom line...I do accept their definition of "native," drilling down to finer detail is wasteful dogma. This "born or raised" criteria eliminates from consideration the sort of transplants that Carl Nolte referred to in his landmark 1984 essay.

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