Re: SF Natives?

02/02/12 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Thanks for sharing that article, Frank…it raises a mixed bag of questions!

I struggled for my own self-definition for years. All my grandparents emigrated from Ireland to SF in the late 1800s. I was born in Alberta, Canada. Adopted when I was 18 months old, and became the legal daughter of second-generation San Franciscans.

While I have a dual citizenship, I’ve never considered myself anything BUT a San Franciscan. Technically though, I’m not a “native,” having been born on Canadian soil. (In fact, I’ve always thought the only true natives were the Natives who first arrived, and settled on the land long, long before California became California.)

I finally settled matters in my own mind – I now proudly describe myself as a third-generation San Franciscan!

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