Re: SF Natives?

02/03/12 - posted by Will

Judy Hitzman and Jo Anne have a clear understanding of things.

I am a native San Franciscan, not through any virtue of my own, but because that's where Mom was when I was born. That's invariably how it works. It's also well to consider that most of the people who gave the City it's character and charm came from somewhere else. Being a native is not big deal, but being a San Francisan is.

While I'm at it a true San Franciscan knows that clear day is defined by the ability to see the Farallones, has eaten at the Union Hotel in Occidental, has seen Donald Pippin's Pocket Opera, and has probably done a few things that I've failed to pull up.

I mention Pocket Opera because Donald Pippin is a real character and belongs in San Francisco.

I think being a true San Franciscan is not taking things too seriously.

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