What ever happened to traffic boys or girls

10/31/03 - posted by Jim Hicks - Jimandbhicks<at>aol.com

What ever happened to Traffic Boys or Girls? I was a Traffic Boy at Commodore Sloat School in 1939. It was an honor to be selected to be a Traffic Boy. We got to go to school early and stay late. We were issued a hat and a white belt that went across your chest. If it was raining, we wore a yellow raincoat and hat. My post was Junipero Serra and Ocean Avenue, which was a busy intersection. We learned safety, responsibity, discipline, and courtesy. It was a good experience and served a great purpose.

Once a year we got to go to the Citywide Traffic Patrol Parade. This was on a school day, so we got the day off. In 1939 the Fair was on and thatís where the Parade was. We all took the K car to the Ferry Building and got on the Ferryboat to the fair. We were treated royally, free lunch, free tickets to the rides in the Gayway, (that was the name of the amusement Park at the fair) and we got to march in the Parade and watch the evening fireworks. I learned not to wear new leather shoes to march in a parade that day. It was a great day even though my feet hurt.

Were you a Traffic boy or Girl? Please tell us about your experience. I think itís sad that they did away with this program. When did it happen? Today all we see is old people sitting in a folding chair and they are paid for this activity that we proudly did for free and learned from it.

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