Re: What ever happened to traffic boys or girls

10/31/03 - posted by rick

In 5th grade I was a traffic boy (late 60's).
We had the white chest belt and yellow cap thatís mentioned,
As well as a cool, official looking badge.
The badge would indicate your rank ie: private, Sargent or lieutenant.
Officer plant from SFPD traffic division whose job it was to oversee all the traffic boy
Squads in the district often cruised by in his patrol car.
If we saw officer plant we would give him a snappy salute and
He would return it, which made us feel important.
One of the big perks were the free movie passes, good for the parside, el-ray and empire theaters. I must of used that pass 5-6 times just for "bonnie and Clyde" alone.
Our citywide traffic patrol parade was held at the polo-fields in g.g. Park.
Donít know when they did away with the whole traffic boy program. Must have had something to do with liability.

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