Re: What ever happened to traffic boys or girls

04/19/04 - posted by Louise Ann

I was a traffic patrol girl at West Portal Lutheran for three years 1968-1970-71. Sloat and 19th got hairy sometimes. We used to have one guy in particular in a 1969 yellow Cadillac Coupe de Ville try and run us over several times...he got the cone once and drug it half way up the street. I also remember Officer Plant very well. His son, David, attended our school. Phillip Miller was the Captain of our sqaud. I always wondered what happened to Phillip and David.

I remember attending the competition's at the Polo Field in Golden Gate Park. We used to joke that if the sun came out that day and shone off of Mayor Alioto's head we would all be blinded. Ah, the irreverance of kids!

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