Re: What ever happened to traffic boys or girls

06/26/04 - posted by Norm Stahl

Part 3

The big traffic boy parade in the Golden Gate Park was a memory for all. We at Commodore would all wear yellow sweaters, which our mothers would all run out to buy at Stonestown the night before the big event. Of course, by being at Commodore most of our families had the money to buy new yellow sweaters that would be worn once for the parade and once more for the traffic boy picture taken in front of the main entrance on Darien on picture day.

The parade was cool as we got out of school and got to march around in uniform (even if it was a yellow sweater, white pants, a poppy colored military type hat, and a white Sam Browne belt.) As I recall the ROTC cadets from Lincoln High School even came over to Commodore to teach us how to march and how to salute the cop in charge. (I can only wonder what the girls in the school were thinking as we boys marched back and forth across the upper yard as ROTC cadets barked out orders.)

Yes, we became traffic boys. We were cool. (Well, we were really all sixth grade nerds). And as history will show, one particular fourth grade teacher was wrong. Although she was probably buried with all the Schuco Microracers she took away from all of us and never returned at the end of the year.

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