Re: What ever happened to traffic boys or girls

11/28/04 - posted by Ken Englund

I was a traffic boy at St Paul's school. Some of us discovered you could pull at the thread that embroidered
"St. Paul's" (in script) on the cap and as you pulled the thread, the letters would "disappear." If you started at the far-right end, you pulled it all out until it just read "St. Pa School." We thought we were really cool until Sister Mary Mauricita saw our caps. Another thing we did was practice throwing our paddles (semaphores?) into the wooden telephone poles. If you flipped it right, it would stick into the open grain of the old poles.
I remember Officer Plant. In spite of all our horseplay, no kid we crossed through an intersection ever got hurt on my "watch." Although a J church streetcar came close to pasting a little kid once.

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