Re: What ever happened to traffic boys or girls

08/05/07 - posted by Paul Albert

I was a traffic guard at Farragut school from 1963-65. I "retired" as a captain. I remember 3 badge colors, one each for Sgt., Lt. and Captain. The red was for a Sgt. and blue was for a Captian, but I can't remeber the third color. There was a certain way to roll up the white belt that crossed one's chest and buckled around the waist when not being used. The yellow cap was an important part of the gear. As stated in other replys, an ROTC student from a high school would come to our school and teach marching, flag carrying and "eyes right". The parade was at the Polo grounds and if I remember right the student marchers from each school wore white shirts and pants but different color sweaters. It was a maturing role that I have never forgotten.
Paul Albert
Pleasant Prairie, WI

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