Re: What ever happened to traffic boys or girls

02/19/09 - posted by Heidi

Isn't it fun to think back on it all?! I was part of Traffic Duty in the '60's in San Francisco at Parkside School. It was thrilling when the police would drive by and salute you! We had to do what was called '12:30' duty, for the children coming back from lunch. At that time, the Zodiac killer was loose and we all joked about it. We got worked up about it all, but we always did our assigned '12:30.' Luckily, nothing ever happened. The days of pouring rain were not so fun. Soaking wet under those yellow rain jackets and pants. What a time, too, at the polo fields in Golden Gate Park, to be reviewed. 'Eyes right, ready front!' How fun to remember those days.


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