Re: What ever happened to traffic boys or girls

11/03/03 - posted by Trevor

The little private school at 46th & Irving I attended used us schoolkids for crossing guards. When I went there it was N(eighborhood). E(ducation). A(ssociation). T(ogether). School (in 1977 it was bought by Rivendell). We had black caps with white stitching and orange belts that went around the waist and then up over the shoulder. In 5th or 6th grade I was a crossing guard and I remember the crossing guard parade. This was in the mid-seventies and it was at the polo fields. All schools were represented - public, Catholic, and (apparently some, at least) private. Our little school had like six crossing guards. Seeing groups of twenty or thirty crossing guards representing one school was daunting.

The one parade I remember was over at midday; when it was over we broke formation and ran off. Then-mayor George Moscone was there presiding over the event and I accidentally ran right right into him. A couple years later he was killed by that damn-fool conservative supervisor.

I don't know why they began using adults as crossing guards. It was a good experience, learning about responsibility and all. I now live in the inner Richmond and drive past Geary and Arguello where adult crossing guards work on school mornings. I don't think I would want my kids working at that intersection. Perhaps it is best handled by adults.

I wonder if I still have that cap anywhere...

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