Re: Rembering the 1957 Earthquake

08/07/12 - posted by tom bratton

Under photos, search Lake Merced and you will find what the March 22, 1957, 5.5 earthquake did to Lake Merced Blvd.
Not too much.
My Grandfather was in his Noe Valley home just accross the street from James Lick Jr High on 25th st. He turned white when the 1957 quake hit. That brought back some scary memories to him as he was in front of the Valencia St Hotel and watched it sink into the ground during the 1906 shaker.
He then continued delivering milk with his horse and buggy after getting his horse back under control when the shaking setteled down. When he got home he found out his wife had been pined down in bed when the chimney fell through the roof. She told him she just made it out from under the bricks in time to catch the still burning oil lamp before it went crashing to the wood floor.
Eleven monthe later my mother was born. It makes one think.
Let's be ready for the next one.


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