Re: Teen Clubs & 1960s Bands

12/06/13 - posted by jb

Hi W.M.,

Good to be back with you and thanks for your kinds words during my surgery.

Amazing that there were some songs that still, to this day, can get everyone out of their chairs and up dancing. I also marvel at the degree of precision those garage bands could do a cover and never get the hook or flying tomatoes. Seems everyone in those days were happy just to have a band play, which was so much more exciting than spinning records at a sock hop.

So let's hear some sordid stories of sex, drugs and rock-n-roll during your days with your band. And if you can't recall them, make some up. I'm sure that is what Keith Richards did in his autobiography "Life," since they all sound the same.

Also, some bands I recall were The Morticians, The Stokes, The Blokes but I'll have to pump my buddy, Larry Sullivan, who will know every one to ever play and the address of their garages as well. I do remember early dances at the Longshoreman's Hall where Peter Wheat& the Bread Men played along with William Penn and his Pals. I recall seeing Sly Stone play as the house band at a teen nightclub down the Peninsula called Winchester Cathedral. Also recall one or two at California Hall and the Armory in San Bruno where 13th Floor Elevator played. I even went to Altamont but few concerts after that...It was cool where we were sitting to te left of the stage but you could feel the bad vibes pouring in like pot smoke from the front of the stage and how out of control it was as a shocked and ineffectual Mick Jagger shouted "cool out."

Still, the memories of those old dances and rock concerts will always have a special spot in my heart and reminder of just how lucky we were to have grown up where we did...and to have survived it.


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