Re: Teen Clubs & 1960s Bands

12/07/13 - posted by JK

Garage bands and teen club bands of the 60ís remind me of a wonderful time of life.

Teen clubs in the Sunset such as Holy Name, St Stephens, St Anneís hosted dances that required bids for entrance. My memory is dim how I obtained those bids but somehow I always did.

On the band side groups such as The Morticians, The Heads, Benedict Arnold and the Traitors (yes a Paul Revere and the Raiders knock off) Wonder Bread and many more played live music. As noted prior there were staples that all bands played such as Louie Louie, Gloria, Good Lovin and a Righteous Brothers slow song Unchained Melody.

I would note most of the SF groups obtained their equipment at a music store on Columbus called Don Weirís Music City. Beyond the teen club bandís Music City also supplied the SF bands of the day such as the Quicksilver, Blue Cheer, and many more. Hanging out at this spot was very much part of being in the SF music scene and many a band was formed or broke up within this store. As with any good market a new player appeared in the name of Roger Calkins Music. RC was located on Market near Castro and somehow got the agreement to supply sound systems to the Family Dog. This insured they were at the Avalon and other locations that the Family Dog and Chet Helms produced concerts. Family Dog did a concert at what they called the Edge of the Western World which was really Playland at the Beach location. Great show.

Equipment from Vox to Gretch Fender and Gibson guitars Ludwig drums Custom amps (first solid state I think) Fender amps and the infamous Hammond B3 organ were the equipment of choice. A very special and fun time in the music history of SF.

I am sure most members of the garage bands of the 60 & 70ís are looking to retirement or have retired from other careers but will always have the memories of being a part of that great scene.

Thanks for letting me reminisce I have not thought of this period or places in a very long time

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