Re: Teen Clubs & 1960s Bands

11/15/13 - posted by Paul Judge

Norm or others who remember - what year were teen dances at the Golden West YMCA near Stonestown discontinued?

Were those dances 'hosted or sponsored' by Y Club groups? What teen bands performed at those dances? Some of this has been covered in previous posts in years past but new eyes and memory cells may add to the collected recollections.

I was a desk clerk and program staffer at the Park Presidio YMCA on 18th & Geary. Barely out of 'teenhood' ourselves, Rick Sante and I run some of the Friday Y Dance in '69 - '70. There were a few scuffles and some shenanigans but mostly things were safe and fun.

Local garage bands provided the music. Sometimes dances were 'hosted' by one of 'Y Teen Club' groups with their sponsor chaperone in attendance. In the mid-late '60s each of those 'Y' clubs were girls groups.

I'll tell though, I fulfilled a lifetime quota of cleaning toilets and floors after some of those dances. Years later I was privy to stories about how contraband was smuggled into the building for refreshment.

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