Re: Teen Clubs & 1960s Bands

11/15/13 - posted by Ray Shanahan

I attended the dances in the outer avenues as a teen in the late 50's and early 60's. At STA there was the Thomasonian's teen group that would have dances. These were under the church and were usually quite controlled. By that I mean usually the priest, Father Joe Milani, would have sole control over who was allowed in or stayed. If there was the faintest hint of alcohol on your breath, bad clothing or cockiness, you had better forget about trying. Usually there were a series of questions you or your group were asked. Where do you go to school? If you were from STA parish, and attended church,you usually were allowed entry for $.50. If you hung around outside there would surely be a fight eventually. There were fire restrictions even in those days. So you had better get there in the first hour, or you had to wait to get in. Usually the cop on the beat George DeLurry would be hovering around outside to break up any sort of fracas. They usually would begin at 7:30 Pm and be over at 10:00 P.M. The music was a collection of 45's that someone had, played over a PA system and there was a snack area.

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