Re: Teen Clubs & 1960s Bands

11/15/13 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut

Frank, Some Catholics attended this monthly dance, so you should include this memory as well:

I wrote about my Girl Scout days here years ago, especially the dances I enjoyed very much during what turned out to be my last year as a Girl Scout. There was a monthly teen dance at a community center in The Sunset back in the 50s for Senior Troop Girl and Boy Scouts. Since it was a more innocent age, drugs were just about unknown. I don't recall any drinking either. Those attending included a very wide age spread; some were just about emerging out of the little girl/boy stage. Others were in the last semester of high school--age 18, or even 19!--and just about adults.

As I experienced stop and go traffic the other day, I remembered a truly literal high school song. This record was very popular locally, since it listed all the SF high schools, as well as many in the extended areas. When the record was played, we applauded as our schools were mentioned.

Who else remembers:

High school USA! High School USA!
They come from Mission, Lowell, Washington!
Galileo, Poly and Jefferson!...

At this point, my memory fades. I do remember "Lincoln Ls" and the remaining SF high schools, as well almost, if not all, the Catholic Schools. I believe Westmoore and Sequoia were some of the surrounding area schools, but can't remember the rest. (Yeah, I know.)

Obviously, someone from SF wrote the words.

That's my contribution--at least for now---Frank. I'm looking forward to reading about the memories you collect, including a few details from my previous comments. Have fun!

Some of the other schools may have included Westmoore, Sequoia,

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