Re: Teen Clubs & 1960s Bands

11/16/13 - posted by W.M.

The local chapter of DeMolay International held regular dances (monthly?) in the downstairs dining area of the Scottish Rite Temple on 19th & Sloat. The band I was in at the time got hired to play at one of their dances in 1969. On a celebrity historic side-note, one DeMolay alumni member was "the man of a thousand voices", Mel Blanc.

As best as I can remember, there was a LOT of competition among bands to land these gigs around that time, probably because they generally paid more than any other "function". Most often when we were hired for an event, it was usually a private one such as a house party or (if we were lucky) a wedding reception. The youth group dances seemed to prefer to hire bands who had more popularity (The Morticians, Butch Whacks & the Glasspacks, etc) than those of us who were still "stuck" in our garages. Also the other consideration of course, would have been the dance event's budget, and that may have been one reason for deciding to playing records instead of hiring a live band.

It was a fabulous time growing up as a young musician during the 1960's. Really it never mattered much to me if i was just playing in the garage or was hired to perform. Music provided a strong common interest that built such close friendships that has lasted my entire life. Even though I never experienced the commercial success I dreamt about during the 1960's, I wouldn't change one thing about my experiences.

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