Re: Teen Clubs & 1960s Bands

12/06/13 - posted by W.M.


Thanks for reminding me of a few songs that were part of EVERY band's set list back then, including my own. My first "real" band (and I can't remember it's name or even if we named it at all) performed "Louie Louie" in the cafeteria at Robert Lewis Stevenson Elementary School...our first gig (non paying). What's funny is I didn't actually know the true lyrics at the time, only what people thought they were. So I just turned up the volume on my guitar amplifier and sang some "mealy-mouth" rendition over the parts people thought were "dirty".

We only played two songs for this program, the second one being "Walk, Don't Run" by The Ventures, and I was relieved it is an instrumental...hahaha

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