Re: Bruce Bary

02/29/16 - posted by Jb

Nice memory, JQ. Did You review youtube to see if you were on TV? Yes,
I 'm sure a topic on women's fashion is deeper than Shortcakes shoe rack.

As I recall, John, those pants were available at Cable Car Clothier and didn't come cheap. I have a pair on as I write scored at Columbia Outlet in Bend Oregon for $26 no tax. Like stereo gear, clothing costs less now than way back when. Costco has kept me in button-down shirts for years that cost less than their coffee. Used Pendletons can be scored on Ebay for 10 cents on the buck. Same with wool tweed sports jackets.

Well, there you have my sartorial secrets for dressing on the cheap. And now that shirts are wrinkle free, no more starching the collars enough to foil Odd-Job which ran 35 cents in 1967 and $2.50 last time I asked. And if you skipped PE and did a hit of English Leather, you could get two wearings.

I have few ideas as to why clothing seemed so important in high school. Maybe it was a tribal thing and maybe we all wore uniforms of some sort, dictated by who we thought we were or aspired to be at that time. I like the idea of school uniforms for every student. Like a class A haircut in the army, it makes everyone somewhat equal, with individual expression requiring more skills and talents than hitting up Stonestown.


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