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03/01/16 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

jb - you are mixing your posts, yes??? Your first sentence belonged in your "Style" thread, but no matter, and thank you very much.

Pendletons???? Wow. I have not thought of them in years. Regardless, they were a quality product - very well-made using excellent fabric. I recall my guy friends lusting after them in the same way that us girls lusted after "twin sets" and circle pins!!

I honestly do not remember Bruce Bary (other than the brand name) but I DO remember Roos Atkins in Stonestown. Very classy stuff... And it brings to mind the recent death of Wilkes Bashford - a big icon in San Francisco when being a high-end classy dresser was part and parcel of Herb Caen's City By The Bay.

You are correct - clothing in high school was, and still is, a tribal thing. Remember guys trying to dress like Elvis? Kids of the late 80s early 90s - didn't many of them get into the Goth Look? (Frankly, I got a big kick out of that particular trend...)

It is the nature of The Beast.

Parochial school parents were always relieved of this additional clothing expense thanks to uniforms (which I still support to this day). Even so, girls tried to roll up those uniform skirts to make them shorter, and guys tried to wear their uniform pants slightly below their waists, and also roll up the cuffs. Do I have to tell you that many nun-type punishments ensued??

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