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02/29/16 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Oh, should have consulted with Shortcake first!!! Never, NEVER ask an audience that contains females about constantly changing fashion tastes! You will be SO bombarded, your amazing brain will explode - and WNP will have truly lost A Beautiful Mind. (And YES, you are right - let's try to keep this on topic, eh?...)

Thus, I will try to contain myself....

I am at the corner of Taraval and 19th Ave., waiting for the L Car to take me downtown, where I can connect with a bus (at the Ferry Building) to Emeryville, which will put me on a train to LA, where I will attend the Academy Awards. (I bring binoculars because I am WAAAAY in the back row of the seating area.)

I am wearing the dress I wore to a prom (in the 60s)

...and only the ladies will understand the rest of this...

Off-white, boat neck, full-skirt (with petticoats underneath to fill it out) with beautiful hand-painted flowers all over it. Accompanied by my Mom's fox-fur shrug-stole (which, nowadays, PETA would spray-paint - and good for them) and low heels because my date was not that much taller than me. :)

It was THE dress I will always remember, because it made me feel like a pretty young lady. Years later, I donated it to St. Vincent dePaul so maybe another young woman might feel the same way.

I still have that real fox fur stole....have NO idea what to do with it! So, I have turned into a Chicken and will let the Executor of my Pathetic Estate deal with it. [Insert evil laugh here.]

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