Tear Down This Wall

03/06/16 - posted by Skipper - turnerwinder<at>icloud.com

It was a time of faith, and belief, loyalty and love
America grew hero's back then
And that's what he was made of
As a leader, he always brought out our best hopes and not our worst fears
And as a great communicator
He could give us a laugh
And then bring us to tears
He was a man of principle
Utterly decent, honest and true
President Reagan...Sir
I'm so truly going to miss you
And as I sit here alone contemplating a Nations sorrow and yet it's resolve
I can still hear the determination and strength in your voice
As you made that historic call
Mr. Gorbachev.....

Tear Down This Wall.

Skipper. 2004

("If a man has a good wife he'll be happy. If not he will become a philosopher). Thank you Nancy and rest in Heavenly delight. For surely your with him tonight)

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