Re: Tear Down This Wall

03/08/16 - posted by jb

Hi Skipper,

Your poetry is lovely and quite personal; however, this is a BB for history of the Western neighborhoods of SF and you may want to share your fine work on a website that is more poetry specific, where you might receive more positive feedback and true appreciation for your special talents. Certainly, poems directly relating to SF belong here but the ones with only deep personal connection are honestly lost on me with respect to the City, even if they are set here.

You are a fine poet and while I am guilty of posting many personal notes here of minimal historic content, the intent is to share something others can relate to, enjoy and share experiences and views on the topic heading. Being as prolific and enthusiastic as you are, your posts may not provide a clear platform for others to participate, which I dont feel is your intent: I think you came here to find friends. So how about sharing your experiences in the City a bit more directly so the rest of us might chime in? It sounds like you have lived here for some time.


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