Re: A Library

03/08/16 - posted by Jb

Good point, Skipper. And given one picture is worth 1000 words, my hope was that Westlake Joes would take and post black and white portraits of the regulars who has been going there for almost 60 years. It would have given the new place an old spirit, resonating an immortality for the place.

I am looking forward to going there on the 16th to absorb the new vibe and see just how connected to the past the new owners have chosen to tether.

Any one been there yet? Maybe post under a Joes specific title and share your impressions of the resurrection.

It would be interesting, albeit very ambitious, to record some old timers from SF for posterity, given the rapid rate of change the City is undergoing. Yes, Frank, John and PRose, Patrick, Dennis, Jim, JQ, Mary-Ann and many others, you have been relegated to the esteemed position of old timers with the responsibility to save the dinosaur. Perhaps Dave and Woody's Podcast will fill this gap and live on long after the world, as we know it, washes into Ocean Beach.


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