A photo 'wish list'

03/10/16 - posted by W.M. - wmccullar<at>juno.com

While we all (I'm sure) have viewed the numerous photographs stored here on WNP's website over the years, and probably many of us are taking frequent peeks at those continuously being added onto the OpenSFHistory.org site, we have probably found many (I know I have) that really take us back-in-time by adding the visual image to one or more memories. True enough, many of the photos are before my time, but I still feel drawn to them as they show me what was "there" before I was born and what came to be "there" when I was roaming around the neighborhoods.

Now thanks to an anonymous "private collector" along with other collections, there will be MANY THOUSANDS more photographs made available over time for us to view and enjoy. This is a staggering thought, don't ya think? But it does bring one question to my mind. Do any of you have a "wish list" of sorts? That is to say, "is there a photograph somewhere out there of a specific place, event or scenic view that you'd like to see, that you hadn't seen already?". Honestly I cannot think of many off the top of my head, but I do have a few to start this thread.

1. A photo that shows the neon sign at Baghdad Bowling Alley.
2. A photo showing kids playing at the "last, great" sand dunes where SI now inhabits.
3. A photo of "lunch-time" at Herb's Delicatessen on Meatball Sandwich Day.
4. A photo of my cousin's ship (USS Coral Sea) entering the Golden Gate after a tour of duty in Vietnam.
5. A photo of Wally's Ice Cream on the NW corner of 24th Ave & Taraval.

Ok. Are there any other photograph "wish lists" out there?

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