Re: A photo 'wish list'

03/12/16 - posted by Mary-Ann

One discovery I made in 2007 was because of the chance remembering of the address of the house my grandmother lived in with her three nearly grown children back in the mid to late 1920s. For some reason after my aunt mentioned the address it stuck in my mind. A long time passed and so had those family members. I got curious to see if the house was still there on 5th Avenue in the Richmond. One daughter and I came to town that day in 2007 to take pictures, go to one on the gatherings at the Cliff House held by Woody and David and visit Washington Hi.

I have a few photos of family standing on the stairs of that old house from that old time. When we drove by and stopped across the street, there was that house and the old staircase very much the same as in my photos, even some of the details of the porch's woodwork.

Since that time, along with different family members I have taken photos of my and my husband's various homes in the neighborhood as well as the schools we attended. Fortunately they were all still there - including the last place we lived in in the Presidio all fixed up and looking like new.

It's not the same as seeing the places as they were being built - still is gives me much pleasure to have any photos of them at all.

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