Re: A photo 'wish list'

03/13/16 - posted by Leif Hatlen

In 1911 my grandfather built a home for his family on Joost Avenue, and this was the first home that my mother knew. To her that home was always the most wonderful place. In my collection of photos I have several from around the time it was built as well as several taken in subsequent years. My mother would frequently have my father take a picture of it and I am now doing likewise.
In a similar manner I have photos of the home I was raised in on 22nd Ave. The first is a photo taken in 1940-1941 to accompany the loan application for my parent's purchase of the house. Over the years that house appears again and again in our family photo albums. A cousin once remarked that the front steps must be the most photographed front steps in the city!! It seemed like at almost every party we had, all the the guests at some point, were lined up and photographed on those front steps.

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