Re: A photo 'wish list'

03/15/16 - posted by Janice Pearcy

Hello All,
This is a great thread. I think I would also love to see a picture of Wally's Ice Cream shop on 24th and Taraval and also a picture of the Fox Parkside when all the kids were there from the local schools on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons during the summer.
I also wanted to give a shout out about St. Gabriel's Parish. We will be celebrating 75 years as a parish the weekend of 9/23-9/25/16. We will also be collecting pictures, 8mm or 16 mm films, VCR tapes, etc to put together for a book as well as a DVD. Any suggestions from my WNP Friends from St.Cecilia's would be greatly appreciated. I know on Friday, 9/23 we will have pizza for the current students at St. Gabriel's and we will have graduates tell stories of what SG was like when they were there. Dinner, Silent Auction Dance on Sat nite and on 9/25 Mass and reception.
Thank you for letting me go on. I just love this group and the love everyone has for our home, San Francisco.

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