Re: Bottoming out on the message board Part II

03/16/16 - posted by Tim Dineen

My most blurred - and last official drunken St Paddy's Day was in 1988.

I had just opened the Westin SFO and a kid from Chicago - an Irish lad named Sean - had transferred there from Chicago. He was bragging about how great St Paddy's Day was in his hometown, so I decided to show him what it was like in mine...

I had frequented the Irish bars along Geary and Clement for many years and knew at least one bartender in every place. I walked in with Sean and introduced him as a friend from Chicago who had never experienced a *real* St Paddy's Day celebration. We were bought drinks by friends and strangers, alike. Ireland's 32, Pat O'Shea's. The Abbey Tavern, Plough and Stars... Lines everywhere to get in, but somehow we managed to bypass them all.

We got rip-roaring-drunk. As in, I really have no idea how we got home rip-roaring-drunk.

The parts of the evening I do remember were full of laughter and loud conversation. Snockered but funfunfun. Sean said it was the best St Paddy's Day he ever had...

We were both late for work the following day with hangovers the size of County Kerry but just sitting here writing this has put a big smile on my face.

I guess that means it was worth it...

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