St. Cecilia Centennial Wall Brick Project

03/15/16 - posted by Jo Anne Q. - lapichon3<at>

For those former students of St. Cecilia Grammar School, who do not receive the Alumni E-Newsletter, I suggest you check into the recent one about the upcoming Centennial Projects, and especially the Centennial Wall:

Scroll down to the article "Be part of our Centennial Wall of Honor" for information and an additional link to how it all works.

My class (1960) has collected funds to buy a Centennial Wall brick, and we are pretty stoked about it! Our brick will read:

"Roll out the barrel!
-Class of 1960"

It's our way of not only memorializing our class, but more importantly Msgr. Harold Collins - and you would have to have been a part of his history in order to "get" the inscription. (Just to be on the safe side, I also sent the Brick Project people a cover letter, explaining it all. Otherwise, those who did not remember Msgr. Collins might find the inscription rather strange.)

If any other St. Cecilia Alumni buys a brick, I would love to hear about it, and also what your brick reads, and why you chose your particular inscription. It is all part of our Western Neighborhoods history, yes?

P.S. No, I do not get a commission for mentioning the Brick Project in this Forum. DRAT!! :) :)

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