Re: St. Cecilia Centennial Wall Brick Project

04/01/16 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Aw gee, Frank and W.M. - so glad to get your input!! I'm happy to see that Frank is buying a brick with another lovely inscription. And W.M's idea is also admirable!

I cannot resist in emitting an "evil laugh" in capturing "Roll Out The Barrel" first!!!! (God will get me for that...)

Since I last posted, our class has purchased a second brick (compliments of a classmate who donated a whole $100!!). It will read:
"In Memory of
Class of 1960
Pigeon Angels"
This is to memorialize our 1960 classmates who have passed away (the most recent one as of March 30th).

In the meantime, we currently have an overage of $152 in class contributions toward a brick, which will be donated to the St. Cecilia Scholarship fund. Those of you who are not aware, it was our class, during our 2010 Reunion, who actually got a scholarship fund up and running. (Ah - there is another Sin of Pride - God will be visiting me for a second time... :) :)

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