San Francisco Cemteries

03/17/16 - posted by Louise Carlson Stowell - louannstowell<at>

Calling all old San Francicans....I need your help! I am researching the old cemeteries once located in San Francisco that have been moved to Colma for a book that I want to do regarding them.

I have exhausted many references such as online, books, and the S.F. library and am now seeking personal memories, journal entries, copies of old photos that you wouldn't mind sharing...anything would be greatly appreciated!

My step great grandfather worked in the Oddfellows Cemetery during the removal and we have a couple of photos of him there in action.
I will gladly accept anything you have on the Colma cemeteries, as well.

You will be mentioned as a contributor and given credit for your help. I want to do a series of stories on each of the cemeteries in the City that were moved, as most of what you read is as a collective.

For more information or toget hold of me email me at: Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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