Re: San Francisco Cemteries

03/18/16 - posted by Holt Macon

I went to the Cyprus Lawn cemetery several years ago and it was fantastic. If it wasn't a place for the dead it would be a great museum. The entrance with the wide open arch gate with the lake and swans could be a great setting for a movie.
There were so many historical names at that cemetery it was ridiculous. And so many of those famous names in our history books are now lying there for eternity unless some day in the future you can bring them back and revive their memories.
You can look through the windows of the Mausoleum and see the shelves where the coffins are stored. Sometimes entire families would end up in them, one on top of the other on both sides of the room. I wouldn't be surprised if such a Mausoleum would cost upwards of $100,000 today. It would be interesting to know the cost.
I went to Holy Cross as well but it wasn't as captivating.

I do recommend you take a visit Cyprus Lawn if you aren't spooked.

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