Streetwise: Final Services Will Be Held

03/20/16 - posted by Paul Judge

Another gem of Streetwise piece Frank. Thank you.
Cemeteries registered as meeting places for my dad and uncles growing up at Turk & Broderick Streets across from Calvary Cemetery. As kids they used the place as their playground and ball field. Through their teen years it was the scene for gambling - playing 'craps in the crips' they called it and drinking during the early years of Prohibition.
Growing up our family prayed for Mr. Such&Such or Mrs. So&So to return to good health or their dear departed soul at Grace before nightly dinners. My folks rarely 'went out on the town' but they sure attended many Rosaries, wakes and funerals for loved ones, friends and neighbors. My dad used to quip that he wanted to be buried standing up in the backyard so he could watch the weeds growing. We kids thought it funny. We also had a family habit during road trips to stop and read the grave stones of cemeteries and picnic there.
After our parents kicked the bucket we took their ashes to a favored courtship spot in the Sierra which catches the first light of the sun. I also placed a handful on a North Bay ridge line so they 'overlook' places they'd grown up, lived and vacationed.

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