Re: Streetwise: Final Services Will Be Held

03/26/16 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Wonderful article, Frank. Brought back, yes, fond memories (in a manner of speaking). Many of my family members (including Mom and Dad) were assisted to their final "rest" by Arthur Sullivan. I think my folks knew him personally because they always referred to him by his first name. Being the adopted kid of Irish parents, I was practically raised in funeral homes, from the time I could remember, attending "wakes," at the parlor and then the post-Irish wake in the family home. Back in the day, parents did not shield their children from the inevitable fact of Death. We learned to pay our respects via saying "goodbye" in the funeral parlor, walking up to the (open or closed) casket to place our hand on it and send loving thoughts, socializing and reminiscing with the other mourners, saying the Final Rosary, joining in the elegantly arranged funeral procession to Holy Cross, and viewing the burial or internment. It was all so touching and beautiful. And, I met relatives I did not normally see. (Hah! I STILL remember meeting one vary large, bosomy lady who introduced herself as "Toots!" She then took me onto her lap, fished around in a pocket, and produced a wrapped piece of salt-water taffy for me to enjoy. What a gal!!) To me, Sullivan's was just as comfortable as my own family's living room.

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