Re: Streetwise: Final Services Will Be Held

04/12/16 - posted by JM Quinn

Thank you again to Paul J. for noticing my typo. I just had yet another memory bump. Yes, my Mom's funeral service at St. Cecilia was the same day Milk and Moscone were assassinated, AND she died on November 22nd, in her own home on Quintara St. - which was the anniversary of the JFK assassination.. I remember thinking, back then, how WEIRD it was, and I still do today. If one believes in an After-Life (which I do), perhaps my Mom was meant to go forth, meet Jack, George and Harvey - dead before they could enjoy their Golden Years - and say, "Hey, let's sit here on my comfy couch for as long as you want and observe Real Life marching on. You will be both absolutely thrilled and totally horrified at how things keep changing. When you can't take any more, I'll make you a nice dinner, and then tuck you in with a lovely bedtime story."

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