Quigley's School

03/22/16 - posted by Joe Lacey - Twobells2<at>Charter.net

Do any of you old civil servants remember Quigley's Coaching School 526 Funston Ave.in the City.

Anyone interested in taking a civil service exam could go to Quigley's as they had practice exams for almost any position Fire, Police, Water, Muni Public Works, et-al. They used a home at 526 Funston Ave garage level, and first floor for classrooms. One paid a fee for every attendance and they gave you practice tests for what ever test you were taking. As it got closer to one of the bigger exam dates ( Police or Fire )there would be overflow folks hanging around the sidewalk in front of the house. Some people took every Civil Service test that was offered just for the practice. Quigley also offer help with promotional exams.

I just happened to be doing some spring cleaning and came across a box of test material I had saved. Brought back memories.

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