Re: Memories

03/29/16 - posted by Mary-Ann

I have mentioned before that I'm writing a family history. Photos have played a big part of helping me remember when certain specific events happened. Plus, the internet - interspersing decades of historical events with decades of family activities could not have been accomplished without that source. I think I would have run out of time had it been necessary to visit the public library and look up events within specific time frames for the past 100 plus years.

Instead I could pause and read the inspiring speeches Winston Churchill made to the people of Britain during World War II and hear his voice in my head as I read his words and relived those times. And that's only one example. I would come across surprises - those little things that most of us never heard of. I could not have written it this way without the internet. Great source!

It was finally in the sixties that I turned at last to the family photo albums big time - and through the seventies they became necessities. By then the kids were in intermediate and high school and trying for accuracy in the times certain activities took place was more that my memory could provide.

I'm now heading into the eighties - you would think it would be getting easier. Just you wait, you who will be or are already writing your own history. It's easier to remember what I was doing in 1946 than 1996...

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