Re: Memories

03/30/16 - posted by Mary-Ann

Jo Anne - you are so right about - I also saw my grandfather's WW I draft card - and he had to be in his late 30s at least and still had to register. He was a coal miner in PA - a comment was written on the card..."walks with a limp". He didn't have an easy life.

jb - it's still fun - keeps me out of mischief..,

Many of you here write very well. I hope you consider putting your family stories down for those who will come after you. Both my grandfathers died young and I never knew them. Somehow, in doing research I felt as though I had finally met them. Even my grandmothers - it wasn't until I asked that I actually knew what they were like as young wives and mothers. My mother's father died when she was twelve, the oldest of three - he was in his 40s - and his mother wrote his story down as a gift to his children. I have that book now - made copies for cousins - it's what inspired me to get started on my own family story.

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