Re: Memories

03/30/16 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Mary Ann - I sit here with a smug look on my face...

Back when I could afford my own Ancestry membership, I dove into it with gusto. I have two nieces and one nephew (my late brother's kids) who really don't remember their grandparents (my mom and dad) because they moved to Texas when they were very small.
I gathered a ton of information on my maternal and paternal ancestors, wrote descriptive narratives and shipped them off to the kids, along with family trees, etc. I also sent them photos I located of, for example, my paternal grandparents' mom-and-pop grocery store, the home where my maternal grandparents lived in on Oak St., copies of Draft Registration cards, etc.
In 2010, I was in SF and spent a day at Holy Cross Cemetery taking photos of our family plots/headstones, and shared those.
And, it still continues. Recently, my nephew resurrected an 8 millimeter B&W film, taken by my brother in 1963, of a family Easter gathering at my brother's home. He converted it over to a DVD and sent me a copy.
In one of the scenes, the front door opens, and out comes my Dad, my Mom and my Aunt!! I nearly fell over sideways and then got quite weepy.
The film was all the more poignant because my Dad died two weeks later. Because of my nephew's kindness, now I can visit Dad (and Mom and Aunt Anna) any time I want to!

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