Re: Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

03/31/16 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

I remember El Sombrero!!! The Bernal family had a daughter, Tina, who attended Lone Mountain with me - and I thought the WORLD of her.
Tina was a member of the SF Ballet - but was too short (or should I say "height challenged?") to ever achieve Prima Ballerina status.
Tina became a nun in the order of the Madams of the Sacred Heart.
She was quite daring for the day. We had a Mass in the college chapel (to celebrate what? I do not remember). Tina arrived, dressed in her white Novice's habit, wearing her toe shoes, and danced to stately music, in front of the altar, to "honor God."
It was beautiful...though I am sure some of our older nuns were quite taken aback!
I do not know if she is still in the Order, but I will never forget her performance.

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